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The Comix Reader

It only cost £1 plus 50p postage and packaging.(UK only)

Here is some info: "The Comix Reader is in part an attempt to recapture some of the free spirit of the underground press, and also an experiment in publishing : 9,000 copies paid for and distributed by the artists. Printed on cheap newsprint, it's the opposite of the expensive limited edition; accessible to all who are interested."

Baba T-shirts
Illustration drawn by twig and ink and then printed.

£8 plus postage and packaging 

White with black print

Gissa Job(Comic/zine) 
'Gissa Job' is a fold-out comic zine by Saban Kazim. The zine takes the form of a Jobseeker's Allowance record sheet. The zine is folded into A6, and is held in a plastic pocket; the zine opens out to an A5 comic, telling the tale of a Jobseeker's interview.

£2 plus 50p postage and packaging