Thursday, 30 July 2009

Alternative Press Festival Day 1:"Publish You" Book Launch 29th July 2009

29th of July was the day of our book launch and the 1st day of our five day Alternative Press Festival. It was a very proud day for me seeing the 1st book I ever designed being launched. Actually it was a very proud day for all of us that were involved in the book.
We had a really great response and the Housmans Radical Book Shop where we had the launch was totally packed out, we could barley move.

We also had some interest from various people including a couple who were filming the book launch and are going to be making a documentary on the whole festival. We also got interviewed buy a lady who works for a website called Creative Choices who is going to use our interview on a pod cast for her website. So going to be keeping a look out for that. I also filmed some of the book launch myself and I'm going to upload the videos and my speech when I get a chance.

The book showcases some of what's going on in the small press scene including, illustration, comics, poetry, art books and zines.

The work for the book was selected and compiled by Jimi Gherkin, Peter Lally ,Gareth Brookes and myself. We had to make a lot of hard choices and agree as a group.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New postcards

These came the other day, I got a reprint of some of my old postcards for the festival, but decided to add a pair of sun glasses to it. So these are kind of a limited edition festival version of my old post cards.

Book Launch add for back of programme

Busy times, here is the add I made for the back of the festival programme.

Last night was the book launch of the book I designed and put together for the Alternative Press. The book launch was at the Housmans radical booksellers. The place was fully packed out, we had a really big crowd. Hopefully I will be able to upload pictures and talks that took place on the night.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Craft making day for the Alternative Press Festival

Last Saturday, I was helping out some of the guys with making banners for the Alternative Press Festival. Here are some of the pictures I took on the day. I used the panoramic mode on the camera phone.

Finished working on book

This is my 1st blog entry in a while. I have been really busy working on the book. Here are some pictures of when I was trying to work out the order of some of the entries and the layout of some of the other pages. It's all done now and uploaded to the printers ftp site, received the cover proof and now just waiting for the printers to print the books. Can't wait till they arrive, this is the 1st book I've ever put together , designed, and got ready for print. The book launch should be good.