Friday, 27 February 2009

My Streetfighter 4 Design Competition entry on Don't Panic

To enter yo also had to write a short piece no more than 100 words. This is what I wrote: My idea: What I am trying to show and represent in my design is Ryu smashing out of the Street Fighter 2 days and into a less pixelated future (Like Street Fighter4). I think it is so cool they kept the game play in the same 2D style, but added 3D effects. I remember playing Street Fighter 4 as a kid on the old Mega Drive and SNES until I had blisters on my fingers. Me and my friends used to have our own tournaments, winner styles on. So this is my tribute of the past looking into the future.

If you like my submission please vote for me on the above link. Voting starts March 2nd.

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