Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My second attempt at stand up comedy open mic

I know I don't usually write much on my blog, but I just came back from an open mic night where I made a second attempt to do some stand up comedy and it went kind of well. It's 1:53am now and I'm all hyped up from being on stage and drinking too much coke. I was really nervous this time and it was a lot different to last time. Last time I was around people I knew, this time it was in front of total strangers apart from my mate Steve. Thanks for the support Steve and thanks to Jimi for telling me about the night and all his encouragement.

I must of done something right, the guys who run the night want me back next week and gave me some really useful advice and encouragement.

I managed to record my act on my little camera, hopefully I can get it up on the web somewhere soon.

I think I better go to bed now. Thanks for reading and good night!

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