Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Alternative Press Festival Day 5: "Alternative Press Fair" 2nd of August

The Alternative Press Fair was the 5th and last day of our five day Alternative Press Festival. It was a fun day, a bit more laid back compared to the other days of the festival, but think it was a nice way to end a full on five days of creativity comics and zines.

For this event I got to share a table with my mates John and Van who also make comics and zines. Some of John's work can be seen in the second to last picture. The event took place at the St. Alosius Social Centre, the same place we had the 1st Alternative Press fair back in February and Peter Lally was in charge of organising this event.

Many thanks to all the people who took part and came to the festival and for Jimi Gherkin for having the idea to start with and Peter Lally, Gareth Brookes, Ceri May, and Chris Bateson who were the other main organisers of various days of the festival. Well done everybody.

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