Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Madagascar 2 Penguin Speakers

I just came across this prize giveaway online for Madagascar 2 movie merchandise. The reason I'm blogging about this is that the picture of the penguin speakers used is one of my mock ups I did in my last job and I actually came up with the idea of making penguin speakers for the movie merchandise. Seeing this online makes me proud.


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  2. Hello, I have these, but I cannot listen to music from my mp 3 player and am wondering if there is a on/off button on the pinguins..

  3. このスピーカーを探してました。デザインなされたイラストレーターの方のブログに当たるとは思わなかった。あの映画もTVシリーズも日本で大人気です。I am looking for this speaker. I did not imagine hitting the designer's blog. Thank you for your work for Madagascar. That movie and the TV series are very popular in Japan.